Monday, August 2, 2010

[NH] Governor vetoes gun-sales license bill

From the Granite State:
CONCORD – Urged on by police chiefs, Gov. John Lynch vetoed legislation Monday that would have scrapped the ability of cities and towns to license handgun sales, legislation that was sponsored by a leader of Lynch's own Democratic Party.

The veto keeps intact a law that gives cities and towns the option to license sellers of pistols and revolvers.

The sponsor of the legislation called local licensing redundant because the federal government already licenses firearm dealers and regulates firearm sales. State Rep. Daniel Eaton, the House majority floor leader, also said local licensing is not uniformly applied. And he warned that towns could use it punitively or for zoning purposes.

"I think it's a wasted veto, it's a non-issue," said Eaton, of Stoddard. "I don't get it." ...
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